This course is the blend of two mastery trading courses, which are the - "Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns" & "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy".

In price action based technical analysis, a trader needs only two things to learn in order to rule over the market, which are -

1. Readability of traders/market sentiment with the reversal candlestick patterns. & -

2. Have a powerful price action based trading strategy that really worthy to follow in order to get consistent profit from the market by minimizing the number of losing trades and maximizing the number of winning trades.

So, in this "Advanced Swing Trading Strategy - MasterCourse" course, you will learn not only the world's strongest and most traded reversal candlestick patterns, but also you will learn one of the world's most reliable and powerful trading strategy - The Advanced Swing Trading Strategy.

Learning Objectives

This course have 5 major sections. Below I will give you a brief idea what these sections are about :

Important Price Action Basics: In this section you will have 7 well organized and very important lectures about the important price action basics that all of the price action based trader need to learn and understand. These price action basics is essential for a price action trader to learn in order to grasp the actual situation of the price actions in a market in order to read the overall market sentiment to decide whether to enter in the market or not.

Mastering the Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns: In this section, you will learn about one of the major component on a price action chart - The Japanese Reversal Candlestick Patterns. Reversal candlesticks are those which tend to form at the reversal point on a price action chart, from where price changes its running direction and goes at the direction of the reversal candle. That's why the reversal candlestick patterns are one of the most famous and popular trading instrument to the professional price action traders all over the world. You don't need hundreds of candlestick patterns to trade successfully, rather you will just need a few. So in this section I will talk about only 4 of the world's most traded and strongest reversal candlestick patterns. You will learn the Valid Formation of these candles, How to Read The Market Sentiment with these candlestick patterns, The Valid Trading Method of these candlestick patterns, Filtering The Invalid Trade Setups with these candles, Distinguishing Between the Reversal Candles and Continuation Candles, and many more things. After completing the lectures of this section, you will not just learn how to trade these candles by reading the market sentiment, but also you would be able to read the market sentiment of any of the other candlestick patterns in a price action chart.

Swing Trading Strategy - The Main Steps: In this section, I will reveal the main steps of trading the swings of a trend in the most probable and profitable way. After completing the lectures of this section, you will be able to identify the formation of a trend with bare eyes, and even when the trend is just started to form; and of-course the valid trading method of that trend, either it's an uptrend or down trend in a price action chart.

Advanced Swing Trading Strategy - Advanced Entry and Exit: This is the section from where you will learn the advancing method of the swing trading strategy. In this section, you will learn how to validate a trade entry with more advanced method by confirming the trend as early as it possible, so that you can minimize the risk of losing a trade in the market. And also you will learn the advanced and most reliable method to target for the most probable and profitable take profit levels in order to ensure maximum profit from a trade you triggered by using the advanced swing trading strategy. 

Advanced Swing Trading Strategy - Strategy for Invalid Swing Point: 

In this section, you will learn how to confirm a trend when the trend forms with invalid complex looking swing points, and then the trading method of that invalid swing point using the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy. Not every swing point of a trend is made with valid swing points, so it is very much necessary to learn how to trade those invalid swing points which you will learn in this section.

Time-Frame Selection: In this section, I will talk about selecting the time-frame for the price action charts in order to trade the swing of a trend successfully like the professionals. Time-frame selection is very important for a price action trader.

This whole package of the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy have transformed many struggling traders from the Forex, Stocks and other financial markets. This is a mastery course to become a professional price action trader to get consistent profit from the market. No it's your turn to become a professional trader and rule over the market! Are you in?

Will see you in the course.

Syed rahman


Course Instructor

Syed Rahman is trading Stock and Forex for more than 10 years.

Over the past 8 years, Syed taught price action based trading methods to more than 15000 traders all over the world. 

He is an active author, adviser, educator on capital investment.

Syed is specialized in price action based Swing Trading methods to identify the potential trade entry and exit levels, most of which he teaches to his students through Live Seminars, his online trading school, and mentorship program.

As a speaker, he attended multiple seminars and training programs for various organizations and trading schools worldwide.

Course Curriculum

  First Section
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  Important Price Action Basics - Preparing To Dive Into The Market
Available in days
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  BONUS COURSE - Master the Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns - Learn to Read The Market
Available in days
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  Swing Trading Strategy Explained - The Main Steps
Available in days
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  Advanced Swing Trading Strategy - Advanced Entry and Exit
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Advanced Swing Trading Strategy - Strategy for Invalid Swing Point
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  Time-frame Selection
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days after you enroll
  Course Conclusion
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"I have taken a number of Forex courses and whilst most are detailed they don't always provide easy to follow trading strategies. This swing trading course gives you what you need and emphasizes that too many indicators will only confuse you and make it harder to find a trade with proper entry. I enjoyed the explanation on determining a valid or invalid swing point and the many examples on how to trade off moving averages of the fibonacci indicator. Swing trading I feel gives traders more consistent returns than breakout trading which may give higher winning trades but less of them. I do recommend this course to other Forex & stock traders."

- John Mandich